PrintsaGogo.Com™, PAG by Lady Elle™ and PrintsaGogoShops.Com™ are name brands created by Lady-Elle StarQueen. PrintsaGogoShops.Com is licensed to Kokomo Beach LLC an Independently owned and operated company headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada since 2007, and the recipient of multiple awards from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for excellence in customers services. Kokomo Beach LLC is a certified, authorized licensee in good standing of the Name Brand PrintsaGogoShops.Com

PrintsaGogo.Com™ offers select products such as Signed and UnSigned Copies of Prints of “Tangelo and Taz the Cats by Lady-Elle StarQueen and Billboard artworks that are not available for sale or Licensing at PrintsaGogoShops.Com

The Printed Artworks are licensed in a 11' x 8.5" size for collectors to frame them. They are either offered as individually signed copies by the Author, or  available in packs of 12 to Art Galleries and Events Organizers to raise funds for charitable causes to benefit People, Animals and their Environment. Charitable  Organizations must be pre-approved by the Licensor's Administration before the Artworks can be licensed to them for resale purposes in order to best serve the causes and to preserve the Artists' image and characters' respective Name Brand.

Signed or unsigned artworks are licensed for personnal use only and are not available for commercial purposes, and may not be duplicated, or altered in any manner whatsoever. The copyrights of the Artworks are not transferred at any time to Licensees or to end-users. Buyers may not purchase any printed signed or unsigned artwork without having read and agreed to our Policy.

PrintsaGogoShops.Com™ on the other hand is an online fully hosted e-commerce retail shop that offers "Tangelo and Taz the Cats™ as well as Max The Lucky Cat™ Artworks on Merchandises and other products to more than 100 countries worldwide from the publicly traded Shopify platform, a reliable, fast and well established responsive ecommerce service.

Lady-Elle StarQueen™ is an Intellectual Properties creator, artist, and licensor who loves animals and the environment. She donates 50% of the proceeds of her selected signed artworks and cartoons creations sold during Events and Charitable Functions to help animals and people live in a safer and better environment. All slogans, Name Brands and logos on this website have been created by Lady-Elle StarQueen and are licensed to Kokomo Beach LLC through Dreams Cometrue Inc.the Administrator of Lady-Elle StarQueen's IP's and Creations.

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Copyrights PrintsaGogo.Com
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